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Gotta give up sugar

Otherwise I’ll get gestational diabetes, if indeed I am pregnant. I’ve been having ice-cream EVERY NIGHT for the last week, and Tim Tams EVERY DAY. And quite a few (packets) over the last couple of months, and tubs too.

I don’t know what’s got into me – I love ice cream and who doesn’t love a Tim Tam (oh yes, you Clare). But I usually just don’t buy them because once they are in the house, they must be eaten. Quickly. For those of you poor, poor readers who have never had a Tim Tam, I feel sorry for you, you have had a deprived life. If you want I’ll send you a packet – seriously! Send me your address and I really will. Only those overseas though, my fellow Aussies are well-acquainted with the Tim Tam. I’m eating one now. Make that two.

So anyway, after the rest of the Tim Tams are eaten (won’t be long, and I don’t like waste) I’m going to make a big effort to give up sugar. Apparently it’s the sugar that’s the killer, not fat. I don’t believe in the low-fat hypothesis anyway – I just don’t buy it, and it’s been proven that low fat diets just don’t work (see the Nurses Study). Why else are  so many Western countries experiencing an obesity epidemic?

The health authorities have been banging on for years to lower our intake of fat but people are getting fatter. Are we just not listening, or are we replacing fat with really bad stuff? Like trans-fats which are found in all sorts of processed food (and not the same as naturally occurring fat), and sugar, which is often put into low fat processed foods so it tastes palatable. Here’s a tip – fat makes food taste good!  Low fat fruit yoghurt for instance might contain less fat than its full fat cousin, but can contain one-third sugar. Go figure. Or go read Michael Pollan’s “In Defence of Food” which is a fabulous book, and actually really entertaining.

Or check out Sarah Wilson’s blog – her post today helped me to make up my mind (I’ve been wanting to but willpower is weak!). She also has an ebook about giving up sugar which I must buy. I would sell it on this blog if I knew how! (I’m learning). She says that fat is not the villian in the cholesterol war, but sugar. Cholesterol apparently “circulates in our arteries patching up damage caused … by sugar “. Huh.

Anyway, if I haven’t put you off sugar forever, I will still send you the Tim Tams!

I love to bake though, and hate to deprive myself – I love food too much – and I don’t want to turn into one of those people (you know the ones, the food bores – don’t eat that, it’s bad for you*), so I don’t think sugar will be off the menu forever, just 6 days of the week.

Anyhoo … I just gave myself my last Pregnyl injection, and have a pregnancy test next week. I don’t know though – I don’t think it’s worked. You can throw everything medical science has at something and it still may not work, which … ah… isn’t fair… and just shows you how much medical science really knows about the intricate workings of our bodies, ie not a lot. I feel quite calm – for now – but as always, will keep you posted.

* Um, I think I have been one of those people – I’m sure I’ve said similar things when I see people eat Krispy Kremes, or drink Coke.


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