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Ripe and ready for picking

Turns out I only needed the really expensive extra drugs for 2 days – Saturday and Sunday.

I took a day off work today to attend the clinic for an early blood test and scan. Apparently my eggs are looking pretty ripe and are ready to be harvested. This week. In fact Wednesday, so a week early!

I don’t know why they are ready so soon, all my life I’ve been a slow starter (which is how I got here!) and now the egglets are ready early.

For some reason it took me a few hours to get my head around this – just a week earlier than expected but whoa! this is really happening now. Kind of bad timing work wise, but most of the horror busy-ness has passed and it will tail off from Thursday. Still, I’ve taken today off and now Wednesday and Thursday, eek. Only feeling slightly guilty, as I have a doctor’s certificate mentioning some vague gynaecological issue.

I also got a new donor list so I chose a total hottie who I’d be happy to have in my bed any time quite frankly, if he wasn’t so young. Is that wrong?!!!? And he says his hero is the Dalai Lama, which is really rather serendipitous, as he’s my hero too. I’ve been in his presence three times, twice where I’ve had the amazing good fortune to actually meet him and shake his hand, so I know. It’s meant to be!

So just one more day of work and two more injections (tonight) till D-Day!

I think this is where I say Oh. My. God.

And the transformation from single gal to hot momma begins…


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