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Perfect moment Thursday…

I stumbled upon this idea in a blog called http://writemindopenheart.com, and really liked it so thought on a day like today it would be good to focus on the positive. I love that it’s about “engaging in mindfulness” and so, in the spirit of this, my perfect moment today was catching up for lunch today with a guy I used to work with. He’s such a nice guy, though he was pretty much just “a guy I used to work with”. Anyway, he saw from my facebook page that “something” was going on, so I told him about the whole IVF / sperm donor saga.

And he wasn’t phased. In fact he said, Good for you. You know, I thought about donating myself because I’d heard there was a shortage and women shouldn’t miss out on having kids just because they haven’t found a man.

I thought that was just a great thing to hear, that someone would think about other people – total strangers – and think about helping them out. Because it’s not an easy thing, to donate and know that you could have little mini-mes running around all over town some day.

In the end he didn’t donate, but still, it was nice to hear a story of someone who had put some thought into doing it and their reasons. And he bought me lunch. Thanks Stevo!

Apart from that, I just found out the frozen cycle will cost me nearly $3,000. Kind of had in my head that it would cost barely anything. So that wasn’t a perfect moment.



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