Spoke too soon

Fuck it.

That is all for now.



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3 responses to “Spoke too soon

  1. Jenni

    I’m sorry. I don’t really know what to say, you have obviously had bad news. If I could help I would. Hugs.

  2. Dear Jenni,

    I am Nicole, the author of the blog Empty Uterus. I ended up here by researching for Mary Oliver poems and chidless women. It is funny how the internet always takes us somewhere new…

    I havenĀ“t read your whole story and motherhood does not seem to be the focus in yourl life right now, when you seem to be facing much bigger issues.

    I just wanted to say: I hope you are ok. And that you will be just fine very, very soon.

    If you feel like chatting abou something…or nothing: bloguterovazio@gmail.com

    Kindest regards,


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