Me again

So my commitment has already flagged a bit right? But commit I did and put fingers to keys I must. I feel right now like I don’t have much to write about but I’ll just blab – ok?

I went back to the doc to get the results of a number of tests – specifically the one that tested for a deficiency in iodine, which I hoped might explain my lumpy boobs of steel. I have read a number of reports on the interweb about the link between iodine deficiency and cysts. As I mentioned in my last post, the boob specialist said it was witchcraft but my fab new GP said iodine deficiency can lead to fibrocystic breast disease and/or ovarian cysts.

Anyway, it turns out that I have normal iodine levels. I know this sounds a bit warped, but I was kind of hoping that the tests would show I was deficient as that would explain why I have these lumpy, cysty boobs.

But the conventionally recommended levels of iodine are actually really low. There are some doctors and naturopaths etc who point to the high levels of iodine that women in Japan have in their diets through various types of seaweed and Japanese women’s low levels of cysts and breast cancer among other illnesses.

Anyway, my doctor said she was surprised too as she usually sees iodine deficiency in women with cysts. She said some naturopaths treat with high levels of iodine using something called Lugol’s solution but she doesn’t. So the upshot of this is I might investigate a naturopath and see what they say. I clearly don’t want to self-medicate as iodine can be dangerous.

Do any of my 3 readers have any experience (yourself or friends) about treating breast and/or ovarian cysts naturally? I’d be really interested to know.

Apart from that the tests also showed I have low levels of insulin resistance. That was REALLY shocking. I am a really healthy eater. I don’t drink soft drink, or even fruit juice. I love ice cream, but rarely have it. I love pastries but only have them occasionally. To be honest I have had them more “occasionally” in the past but not in a while. I eat a bit of chocolate (I am human) but generally keep it to two squares of dark chocolate. I can’t say I observe the same restraint when it comes to wine but there you go, no-one’s perfect.

So now I am restricted to two serves of carbs a day, which is really not much! One serve of carbs is one piece of bread, or half a cup of cooked grains. So bugger all. That cuts out a bowl of pasta, rice with curries, potatoes (which I rarely eat anyway), and other starchy vegetables like carrot and pumpkin, and, oh a whole lot of yummy food! Not to mention easy to prepare food, like avocado on sourdough. Bugger.

I can only hope I lose a couple of kilos.

I’m very happy cheese wasn’t banned. I might have had to kill someone.


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3 responses to “Me again

  1. Do you juice at all? I’ve heard that this is not good for insulin issues as juicing removes the fiber from the liquid so you end up with a large amount of sugars that hit the bloodstream.

  2. Hi Shana,
    You’re right, fruit juice, even freshly juiced is very high is sugar, without the added benefit of fibre. I don’t drink much juice at all – never buy the commercial stuff and only occasionally buy a fresh juice. So – it’s a mystery, unless it relates to my life-long love affair with carbs, even though I don’t eat them much any more.

    Of course all I can think of now is how good a bowl of pasta would be!!

    thanks for the comment.

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