I had a blog once…

… but I sadly neglected it, and it nearly died.

Luckily, the folks at WordPress keep old blogs on life support until their recalcitrant owners remember their existence.

They let these bad owners take their old blogs back, as long as they care for them – tend them and feed them and let them breathe…

So, here I am, back!

With a promise to myself to blog REGULARLY. About whatever.

Since my last post (in March! That’s really embarrassing), I have:

Had the cyst sac taken out. So far, so good. And while the surgery itself went well, the pre-op went yucky.

It went like this:

Because the cyst had been drained, all that remained was the deflated sac. To find the sac, I had to have an ultrasound, during which they would insert a fine wire known as a hook wire through a needle into my boob to show the surgeon exactly where to cut.

Except I have boobs of STEEL. STEEL I tell you. They could not get that sucker in. Seriously. The needle went in looking like a needle, i.e. straight, and came out looking like a coathanger. All bent up. They tried three times and in the end got a couple of wires in to *kind of* the place where they *kind of* pointed to where the sac was. I was all rather unpleasant, but not painful since I had had a local anaesthetic.

There was a bit of blood, but only a little.

Then I had to go for a mammogram. I hate mammograms. There’s just something about two metal plates clamping down on your boobs like a vice that really doesn’t appeal. Huh.

About to be clamped into the vice, I said to the nurse, you know, I really hate mammo…

Next thing I know, I’m wondering why my knees are really, really hurting, my cheek is against the cold lino and my arse is feeling the breeze.

I was hoisted onto a gurney, aching all over – I hit my head hard on the way to the floor too – on the mammogram torture device or the floor itself I don’t know. But I sure got the attention of every staff member within coo-ee.

After that everything was text-book – no complications blah blah blah.

Six months later and I have a 4cm scar on my once-perfect right breast (though I say it myself), but I think that will eventually fade to almost nothing. I have a follow up appointment with the specialist in another six months.

I still worry, a bit, about my lumpy boobs, but I’m seeing a new gp who is more interested in holistic care – the effects of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, energy and general wellness than your average gp. I’m seeing her again soon to get the results of a number of tests I had – the one relevant to my boobs being whether I am deficient in iodine or not. Apparently that has been known to cause this fibrocystic breast “disease” (not really a disease, but a condition) that I have.

Not that the boob specialist was having any of that. When I asked him about iodine (I had obviously done a little research of my own on Dr Google), he said it was “witchcraft”.

Lovely, lovely specialist, but just not interested in possible causes.

So, there, my first blog post in 6 months, my bad.

Committing to putting fingertips to keyboard a lot more often – especially since any writing is good practice – I’ve just started a journalism course at the University of Technology, Sydney. Best journalism school in the country. But they would say that wouldn’t they?


(P.S. the header image is the sunset over Gili Trawangan, just near Lombok in Indonesia. A couple of hours by boat from Bali. Nice huh?)

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4 responses to “I had a blog once…

  1. Good on you love for getting back on it. Glad your boob is still all good.

    Doctors are weird. I had shocking RLS earlier this year (which you’d know as you’re a subscriber to my blog) and when I read that iron deficiency can cause secondary RLS I got a blood test. Test showed I was anaemic. Several tests later, got iron infusion. RLS went away. Still gastroenterologist refuses to believe that iron deficient anaemia can cause Restless Leg Syndrome. He was so offended when I told him Dr Google told me so. Well the results proved it in the end.

    I told this doctor to google it himself. Its right there on the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital sleep disorders unit website. Some specialists just won’t look outside the square!

  2. I’m glad you are back! The boob fiasco sounds dreadful, though! Just reading about all the sticking made me a little green 😉

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