Bad blogger, with good reason

I know, I know, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’ve had a lot going on…but then I did before didn’t I? It’s so hard to start a good habit, but so easy to break – why is that?

Wow, January 14 was my last post. Since then I have:

Discovered a huge lump in my breast.

Had ultrasound.Turned out to be a cyst.

Thought I should do the whole catastrophe, so had mammogram, ultrasound, cyst drained. All good, nothing sinister.

Got pathology results. Atypical cells found in fluid drained.

Panic and melt down.

Sometime in between those points, went to Byron Bay. Also decided to move. Gave my notice on flat without having found anywhere. Dumb thing to do.

Panic and melt down while house hunting.

Go to see boob/cancer specialist. I don’t have cancer. Still, a few things to check out.

Find a house. Pack, move, unpack.

Panic and melt down.

Find a French housemate. Pour practiquer mon francais, n’est-ce pas?

Go back to specialist. Have another ultrasound.

Panic and melt down while ultrasound technician-y person looks concerned and feels my boobs with her fingers.As well as with the ultrasound.

Get results from ultrasound. Again he tells me it’s not cancer, but boob specialist wants to take my case to multi-disciplinary committee.

Now scheduled for day surgery to whip out the cyst’s sac, since it contained these atypical cells. So I’ve been reassured a number of times it’s not cancer. Still, I’d like to get to the other side of the surgery, pathology and get the all clear.

See? A lot going on.


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2 responses to “Bad blogger, with good reason

  1. i missed you.
    good luck with the pathology results.

  2. Anna

    Good Lord! That IS a lot going on. Hope all goes well with the surgery… Take care x

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