Perfect moment Thursday…

I stumbled upon this idea in a blog called, and really liked it so thought on a day like today it would be good to focus on the positive. I love that it’s about “engaging in mindfulness” and so, in the spirit of this, my perfect moment today was catching up for lunch today with a guy I used to work with. He’s such a nice guy, though he was pretty much just “a guy I used to work with”. Anyway, he saw from my facebook page that “something” was going on, so I told him about the whole IVF / sperm donor saga.

And he wasn’t phased. In fact he said, Good for you. You know, I thought about donating myself because I’d heard there was a shortage and women shouldn’t miss out on having kids just because they haven’t found a man.

I thought that was just a great thing to hear, that someone would think about other people – total strangers – and think about helping them out. Because it’s not an easy thing, to donate and know that you could have little mini-mes running around all over town some day.

In the end he didn’t donate, but still, it was nice to hear a story of someone who had put some thought into doing it and their reasons. And he bought me lunch. Thanks Stevo!

Apart from that, I just found out the frozen cycle will cost me nearly $3,000. Kind of had in my head that it would cost barely anything. So that wasn’t a perfect moment.


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10 responses to “Perfect moment Thursday…

  1. What a nice post! It’s really great when we hear about the average fertile thinking about those on the other side. Thanks for this! Hope your frozen cycle works for you! Good luck! Stopping my from ICLW (I’m #88). I just added your link and will stop in!

  2. Hi, I also like that blog, and generally mindfulness related blogs. Frozen cycles are still expensive, but nothing like fresh. I did lots of both, and can tell you that several frozen will easily add up to one fresh one. But they are easier on the body.
    ICLW 101

  3. I always told my husband that I wanted him to donate… but the idea of a bunch of his children running around out there someday kind of scares me.

    I’m sorry your FET is going to be so expensive? Is it because of the medicine or procedure, or both?

  4. I do get some money back from Medicare on this cycle, and can probably claim the non-Medicare drugs from my health insurance, I guess I just thought it would be less, and when your expectations are not met, there’s always a moment of disappointment. But I’m over that now – money comes, money goes! And it will come back!

    I did just find out that one of the meds – Gonal-f – that I have to use is more than $500 per pen! But the government rebates pretty much all of that beforehand so it only ended up costing about $30. Crazy.

  5. Isn’t it fun to reconnect with someone from your past and find a new way that you’re sort of connected?

    I’m so glad you found Perfect Moment Mondays — I’m going to try to remember to add this link to this month’s PMM post, which will go up in a few days. Feel free to either nudge me or put it in yourself.

    ICLW #20

  6. St. Elsewhere

    Here from Lori’s PM post…

    I am so happy you got together with your old friend and had a chance to reconnect. Also glad he listened to you through and through, and that he did weigh in on such a sensitive issue.

    It is of course, correct. The decision to turn into a donor can mean a lot of things to people and can have a lot of ramifications.

    Good Luck to you.

  7. That is so nice that not only did you get to meet up with a friend, but that you could talk about things that were really important to you and have him understand and connect in some way.

  8. Kathy

    Here via Perfect Moment Mondays and also participating in ICLW! 🙂

    What a truly perfect moment for you to have connected in that way with your old colleague. I too appreciate when those from the fertile world feel compassion for those us dealing with IF and loss and also really like when they are inspired to try to help in some way. Thank you for sharing and so glad you found Perfect Moment Monday! I love to notice and capture them and then participate every month!

    ICLW #5

  9. Here from Perfect Moment Monday…it’s a shame your frozen cycle is going to cost so much but it sounds like your meeting with your friend was truly a perfect moment.

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