Sovary, so good

Bad pun, I know. But, so far, so good.

I feel so remarkably different now to how I felt at the same stage last time. I feel perfectly normal. I have no inkling as to whether I am or I’m not, and thinking too hard just sends you mental. For instance, the acupuncturist I went to see last week, as I mentioned before, said that actually constipation is a good thing, because it means your body is trying to hold on to everything. Except that now I am not constipated, I’m thinking, nooo, my body’s not holding on! And considering how sick I was last time…

See, it does your head in.

Of course, The Fear grips me every now and then, mainly The Fear of it actually succeeding. Why did I want to do this again? It’s so abstract, so not-in-my-experience, so is-my-life-so-bad-as-it-is that sometimes I think – wait, what am I doing?

This feeling is combined with the please work, please stick, what if it hasn’t and I’m already not pregnant (instead of just being not pregnant in 10 days time if it’s negative, because if it hasn’t stuck by now, it’s never going to). And the anticipation of the next phase of my life, which I really, really want to include a child.

And again that feeling of limbo – what IS the next phase of my life? I’m trying to make plans here baby! Make your presence felt!

And how do I keep this blog going?! Anything my millions of readers want to hear about?? My specialty subjects are yoga, meditation, the dearth of good, available men in Sydney (that’s probably not really a specialty is it), wellbeing, IVF, health. I’m hoping I’ll be writing about pregnancy and motherhood, but in the meantime, it’s pick-a-topic-out-of-the-hat time.

While I’m here – does anyone know anything about dying your hair while pregnant? I did a bit of research and it seems it’s a bit of an old wives’ tale. You see, I’ve been going grey bit by bit since I was 19, so now it’s getting really ugly and I simply can’t not dye my hair for 9 months! I bought some dye the other day from the health food shop – all natural ingredients. Disaster. I now have bright red roots, orange at the temples, and with bits I missed, because I’ve got a lot of hair. I was considering wearing a hat to work today, which would have been fine if it was the 1950s, but it’s not.

And having said that, I’m off to wash my hair. Vigorously.


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6 responses to “Sovary, so good

  1. I’m just posting a comment a friend sent me by email if anyone is interested:

    i asked my hair dresser the same thing, as she had a baby 12 months ago… she said it is fine… she works with those chemicals all day.. and you’re only getting your hair dyed every 4-5 weeks…
    BUT i would ask around..
    eg if i were preggas i would stil dye my hair.. so it suppose it comes down to how far u go…
    eg back our mums day they still ate cheese, probably drank/smoked (well my mum doesnt do either!!), and we all turned out ok!!!!

  2. Well done you! I’m so glad you’ve decided to get back on the horse that threw you.

    As you’ve learned from the first attempt, don’t sweat it too much. Let nature take its course, throw caution to the wind and enjoy a cheeky glass of red if you fancy it and get stuck into some meditation.

    I’m updating my latest now xx

  3. My doc said no way, not after transfer and not during the first trimester. I spent a good long 4 or 5 weeks with an embarrassing amount of roots. I got smart and went a little less blonde for this FET I’m cycle I am starting. I would ask your doc, as there are so many different opinions on this, and go with whatever he or she says. My hair stylist also told me that if it is ok with the doc there are ammonia and peroxide free semi colors that will wash out after 4-5 weeks that only coat the outside of the follicle and don’t actually penetrate it. She suggested that route as long as my doc would ok it.

    Glad to hear you are feeling well!

    • oh noooo! The horror! But I will ask the doctor. You are right though, there are many differing opinions, which leads me to believe they are just theories. Still, vain though I am, I wouldn’t dye my hair if it endangered my baby. My friend actually had a head full of highlights as the dye doesn’t touch the scalp; I though she was being overly careful but maybe not.

      Thanks for the advice.

  4. Manic Panic is a vegan hair dye that is pretty awesome –no crazy chemicals in it, so it’s uber safe for human and our non-human animal friends. =)))

    Oh, and I’d love to learn what music you listen to for yoga/meditation and if you’ve ever heard of the Solfeggio Frequencies?

    • Thanks Shana – I looked up Manic Panic on the Environmental Working Group’s website and yep, it gets a really good rating. I’m not sure if I can get it here though – I’ve never seen it but I’ll look into it.

      Re the music – I don’t really listen to music while I’m doing yoga at home, though some teachers use it – I used to when I taught too. I really love chanting though, and one of my favourites is a Ravi Shankar/George Harrison CD called Chants of India – it’s pretty traditional though. I also love an American guy called Dave Stringer – if you ever get a chance, go see him, he’s awesome! And in India I bought a CD by someone called Prem Josh but I’m pretty sure he’s not Indian.

      I’ve got a Deepak Chopra CD with a chakra meditaiton on and also “chakra” music which is the only think I would “listen” to while meditating, as I think it’s been specifically composed according to vedic theory (i’m guessing).

      I hadn’t heard about the Solfeggio Frequencies but I love the sound of them! Do you listen to them?

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