Ice ice babies

The Morse code message my ovaries were sending indicated there were six eggs ready to collect. I was hoping for more – last time there were 11. But six there were. As it turned out, five were good for inseminating, then overnight, four made it through.

So – good news! I have two in the oven and two on ice.

I went to the clinic yesterday and had two embryos transferred back into me, and two are now in the freezer, which is just like a little bit of insurance. And as with all insurance, I won’t need it, as these ones (or one) will stick, stick, stick.

This time, I feel much better following egg collection and am hoping the excruciating pain and general unpleasantness will not revisit me this time. I’m still bunged up mind you, which I think I have worked out is because of the Pregnyl. I had to give myself 10,000 units of Pregnyl a day or two before going to hospital then follow up injections every couple of days for the next week or so – this is the pregnancy hormone and I think encourages the body to keep the embryo.

According to Wikipedia, Pregnyl contains human chorionic gonadotropin and is normally produced during pregnancy and is made by the embryo after conception. I can only guess that a side effect of Pregnyl is this terrible constipation that I experienced, but I can’t find any research to confirm this.

The acupuncturist I saw yesterday said that the constipation (sorry to go on about it!!) could be a good thing, as it is the body’s way of “holding on” to the embryo. Well, it didn’t last time, but let’s hope this time it’s holding on tight.

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