Needles are your friend!

Acupuncture twice a week – maybe about 12 needles scattered around my body.

Lucrin x 1, Gonal-f x 2 (2 x shots of 300 units each).

Blood tests – 2 this week.

And then of course there are the needles the doc uses to suck the eggs out of my ovaries at egg harvest time. Those ones are the fun-nest I would say, but luckily I’ll be under the spell of the anaesthetist then. Just have to deal with the after-effects. Which I’m hoping will be minimised or eliminated with yet more needles at the acupuncture clinic.

And this just in… just got a call from the clinic. Blood test this morning indicates my levels of … whatever … (luteneising hormone I think) are not quite where they should be. So (at least) 2 more Luveris injections. At $160 a pop. Even after upping the Gonal-f from 450 units last time to 600 this time. BOO.

Who knew needles could be this much fun!

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