Limbo … part the second

Life. On. Hold. That’s what this feels like.

As I said before, this time around, the breathless excitement has gone and now I’m (kind of) just getting on with life. Like, on Saturday night I had a whole bottle of wine out at dinner. Actually a bit more because the owner gave us a complementary glass of dessert wine at the end. So delicious. A whole bottle though! It doesn’t take long to re-establish old habits. I felt a wee bit guilty the next day but my body didn’t seem to protest too much – it hasn’t forgotten how to metabolise that much booze! And it was nice to have that month “off” in between not getting pregnant and starting again.

But still, limbo. I want to move. But I can’t think about that yet as all my financial and mental and physical resources are tied up in this effort. I want to buy a new car. Ditto. I need some new work clothes, but will there be any point in buying size 10s, when I might need expanda-clothes?

And now I’m waiting for my period to start. It’s late. Bloody hormones.


I started Lucrin again a week ago, going back to the clinic for a blood test and scan on Wednesday. Having acupuncture twice a week at a specialised acupuncture for IVF clinic. More money. And waiting.

Think I need to meditate.


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2 responses to “Limbo … part the second

  1. Your clothes size won’t change that much. I’ve gained a lot of weight (too much, but the midwife says it’s ok) already. I’ve gained 8lbs and I’m only 10 weeks. However, I still fit into all my clothes. Well, not the girls night out skinny going to the club jeans, but everything else still fits. Well, except the bra.

    Go to the thrift store and buy some new clothes. I found some pretty awesome skirts and cute tops for about $1.25 and it’s a great way to have fun, shop and not spend a crapload of cash.

    And, when you do get preggo soon, you’ll be able to find all sorts of tricks–like using a rubber band on your pant’s button to get an extra inch of space. ;)))

    good luck honey!!

  2. Thanks for that info (and sorry for the late response). It’s good to know. Yeah I think the skinny jeans are a thing of the past for a while!

    thanks! xx

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