Ding, ding, round two

I’m going again. Counting down now to my 5pm dose of Lucrin. This time I’m feeling… business-like. I think that’s the emotion. Not quivering with excitement like last time. Still positive, but … let’s get down to business. Get this show on the road. Get this baby happening. I feel empowered somehow.

I wrote a short article for Natural Therapy pages on a bit of the story so far and I wrote that IVF wasn’t for the faint-hearted. And until I wrote that, I probably hadn’t realised that it wasn’t. I’m not faint-hearted! And a few readers and friends have said how courageous they think what I’m doing is, which is really – REALLY – great to hear. Thank you. Because you know, when you do something, you just do it. You don’t think, wow, how amazing am I! Like when I travel by myself, some people look at me with horror and say they could never do that. Some people can’t walk into a cafe alone, let’s face it.

Anyway, gotta go, nearly 5. Also – sorry for not posting. My mum has been visiting and she take up time and head space.

More to follow… might have to comment on that twit obstetrician in Perth who said that older women having babies were “selfish”. Idiot.


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3 responses to “Ding, ding, round two

  1. It’s DEFINATELY not for the faint of heart and you are courageous! Good luck on this new cycle!

  2. Fanny Blake

    All the very best for this time round. Thinking of you. Much love xxx

  3. kath coory

    Hi Michelle, Not sure if you remember me from Nature Care all those years ago! I stumbled across your What is Yoga article ( great by the way – gave it to my students:) – and then found your blog.
    Very courageous – i have everything crossed for you – good luck with round 2 kathx

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