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“Older” celebrity women giving birth well into their 40s. They can’t all be using donor eggs! It’s really very fashionable – didn’t you know?

And here I present to you incontrovertible proof that women can and do get pregnant and give birth after the age of 40.

  • Jane Seymour – twins at 45
  • Monica Bellucci (in my next life can I come back looking like her please?) – 45
  • Cherie Blair – 46
  • Carla Bruni – 43 and about 6 months preggers
  • Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones) – 43 and 48
  • Kelly Preston (John Travolta’s wife) – 47
  • Jane Kaczmarek, actress. Babies at 42, 44 and 47. Rock on!
  • Halle Berry – 41
  • Salma Hayek – 41
  • Iman – 44
  • Susan Sarandon – 45
  • Holly Hunter – twins at 47
  • Marcia Cross – twins at 44

See? Everyone’s doing it! And there are probably a whole lot of non-celebrities out there, just gettin’ on with it.   I just wanted to provide myself and others out there with hope and belief.

Perhaps a lot of these are due to fertility treatment, but who cares? They did it.

Apparently in Europe, the percentage of births to mothers age 40 and over has nearly doubled since the late 1980s, from 1.6 percent to 3 percent.

Tomorrow I will have my two little tiny embryos put back into me. I’ve got to make sure at least one sticks!!

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