The first day of spring

And two little egglets have been fertilised and are multiplying in a test tube. Or whatever they multiply in. A petri dish? Anyway.

Early trip to St George Private Hospital yesterday, arrived about 7.45. Checked in, had my identity checked about 57 times, read my book, and finally got wheeled in to the theatre about 10.30am. The doctor said they would write the number of eggs they retrieved on my hand. Blackout. Aren’t general anaesthetics weird? Where do you go while they are spreading your legs, inserting a needle through your lady bits, and generally poking around with probes, ultrasounds and other such un-fun stuff? It’s not like being asleep, you are just … gone.

I came to I guess about 45 minutes later in the recovery ward. Groggy, tender and feeling delicate and a bit unsure as to who I was, the first thing I did was to check my hands. Nothing!

Aah! wha..? A nurse came by and checked my records. They got 11. Eleven! Seemed like a good number to me.

On my way home, the clinic called. Four of the 11 were suitable for fertilisation – the others were not quite mature enough. I was hoping for six.

Home, and treated myself with a tub of Sara Lee butterscotch and honeycomb icecream (yep, a whole tub), chocolate and the sofa.

This morning the clinic called – two of the four have made it past the judges, the other two have been voted off. 😦 Why? I was so hoping all four would pass muster but two just didn’t get on with the sperm, or the sperm didn’t get on with them. When I asked why, the girl in the lab said, “Humans just aren’t the best reproducers in the natural world.”

Still, it’s the first day of spring, when new life bursts forth. The sun is shining and my little egglets – I should call them embryos now – are growing strong and sturdy and tenacious.

In the book I am reading, the heroine has just discovered she is accidentally pregnant. It’s a sign!

And in my guided meditation through the Chopra Centre today, the mantra given was “Om vardhanam namah” which means  “I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me”, which to me seems to fit with today and the next few days and months ahead.  Another sign!


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4 responses to “The first day of spring

  1. Eeeeek! That’s so exciting!!! Honestly I think that’s brilliant, you’ve made it all sound so simple. I might look into it here and see what the story is. Will they implant both? Twins would be amazing, a ready made family.

    Well done you for actually taking the plunge and going for it, I think that’s fantastic. I always thought IVF was really stressful and traumatic but with you it seems to have been really quick and relatively stress-free (not counting the traffic of course!).

    Keep me posted, I’m dying to know how you get on chica.

    Love Tara xx

    • Thanks Tara! Yes, they will transfer both back in – apparently there’s a 1% chance of twins – eek. But che sera, sera.

      The IVF has been easier emotionally than I thought, but I guess it can wear you down if you have to do cycle after cycle. If this doesn’t work, well, I’ll have to see, because the thought of doing it again…

      I think you’re pretty brave for turkey-basting yourself!!

      Cross fingers for us all – and lots of baby dust sprinkled everywhere.


  2. Kate

    Its a brave journey and wonderful news. I just completed the journey and im currently 13 weeks pregnant.
    I have a very similar story which began after watching your documentry. Today I watched it a second time and was searching the internet to see if your pregnant and located your blog.
    Wishing you all the best x

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