There’ll be tears before bedtime

Or in the morning in my case.

Yesterday I had yet more blood taken, to determine what my levels of luteinising hormone were. You know, to check that everything was coming along fine. The pathology clinic would send the blood to the lab, then the lab would send the results to my clinic.

Except by late afternoon, my clinic had not received any results, and the lab had not received my blood.  By late evening, still nothing. Was the blood lost?And what did that mean? Would this whole cycle have to be cancelled because the clinic would not be able to determine what my LH levels were? Because if they were too low, I would have to top myself up with the very expensive extra drugs. But if we didn’t know…

This morning the clinic called. Good news! The blood’s been found. Bad news! Your levels are borderline, so you will probably need to take the Luveris (the expensive extra drug). And that’s $160 per injection. Until egg collection, so that’s one, two… seven days. $1120 of money I don’t really have, on top of the $3000 I need to find in the next week.

Hang up the phone. Burst into tears. Do the washing up with snot dripping into the sink. Very hygienic.

Now I’m waiting for the clinic to call me back. The nurse will speak to the doctor who will say yea or nay as to whether I need to drive over there this morning and pick up the extra drugs.

So now my whole morning has gone awry. I was going to go to yoga, then meet a friend for yum cha. I really NEED the yoga but now I’m waiting for a phone call.  And do I cancel lunch (which I now can’t afford anyway)?

And to top it off, I have a crop of cold sores, probably due to the extra hormones flooding my system. They are evil little bastards and freak me out at the best of times.

Still, I’ve come this far, if the doctor says I need the extra drugs, I’ll take the extra drugs. My credit card is maxed, that’s all.

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