I got a subscriber!

I have readers! Well, reader, singular. Thank you Rachel.

Everyone, please feel free to subscribe. In fact, please subscribe! Knowing I have readers will ensure I am diligent and post. As you can see from the inception of this blog, diligence is not one of my strong points. I plan to post twice a week, so your inbox won’t be crammed with me.

And if I have readers, then maybe this blog will become something else, like a book. Or a film, like Julie and Julia/The Julie/Julia Project. Who knows, though the film bit I’m not really bothered about. Though I wouldn’t say no, who am I kidding!


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3 responses to “I got a subscriber!

  1. Make that two subscribers…

    I’m on the same donor journey as you, so we can keep an eye on each other’s blogs and give each other moral support from time to time.

    Enjoy it, don’t get stressed and try to focus on the end result, that’s what I’m doing šŸ™‚

    Best of luck x

    • Thank you! Looking forward to reading your blog.

      I feel I will be happy with whatever happens but if “whatever happens” turns out to be no baby, I might have to reassess that. But I’m very positive and confident and healthy and I feel like “bring it on”.

      Good luck to you too.

      (PS. How did you hear about my blog? I’m also going to change the title of this to something that reflects the subject matter, just haven’t come up with anything suitable yet)

      Michelle x

  2. I did a search for ‘Sperm Donor’ in WordPress and you came up amongst the searches. It’s a great way of finding other blogs covering the same topics, some gay women, some single women like us.

    One thing that it’s shown me is that it I’m not alone and I’m following a few similar blogs for moral support. Isn’t the blogosphere great? : )

    Tara x

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