This blog is changing direction

Tiny hibiscus in Bali

Pretty flowers

Right. This is my second attempt to write a blog and stick to it, but I think I’ve found a little topic that will keep me in stuff to write about for a while.

As previously mentioned, I am single. And by now well into my 40s, dear God. I know everyone says it, but what the? How did that happen?

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to have a baby. Well, I’m going to try my damnedest anyway. I’ve been to see the doctor. There is sperm available (I was previously led to believe there was none by a very unsympathetic doctor). I have had blood tests, a pelvic exam, a small procedure to remove unnecessary things in my uterus. Apparently my ovaries are pretty good-looking too. So it’s all systems go.

Oh. My. God!


I’ll be documenting my journey and doing some explaining what’s happened so far in future posts.


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