what have I done?

I woke up this morning and thought – I started a blog? What the fuck was I thinking? a) who wants to listen to/read me? and b) doI really want to be having to do this EVERY NIGHT? Or nearly every night, or a couple of times a week? Geez I hate coming home and even looking at my laptop, let alone fire it up. I stare at a frickin pc all day. Yikes. But I’m going to continue. Just for the tapas / discipline of it. And here i am.

So tonight, I got some really fucked up news about M.NYM. I’m not even gonna write it down. It;s too freakin big. But what I do also know from him is that he loves me. Maybe not loves, he didn’t say that, but has strong feelings for. Wants me. That’s an immense turn-on in so many ways, despite what he just told me.   

To change the topic entirely. My burning question for today is – are we REALLY supposed to be sitting in air conditioned offices 5 days  a week staring at computer screens? Cos I’m thinking – ah no. More on this burning question as we go through blog life.

To change to topic entirely again. I commit to going back to yoga classes. I am going to try classes all over Sydney and tell you all about them, and any other crap that comes into my head that may or may not be vaguely related. that is my blog-commitment. And you thought I was a commitment phobe.


Drinking (boy I need it tonight): Kemeny’s Hidden Label Coonawarra Cab Sauvignon. $10.99. Damn fine.

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