OMG! Hello world!

Here we go. Oh lordy. Right then – hello!

I’ve started this blog because … an astrologer told me to! I’m very obedient. Her name is Mystic Medusa at She rocks. I just met her today. Not sure if I understand what she’s talking about on her blog/site a lot of the time but it sounds cool and her reading was great and the stars in The Australian are freakily accurate in my limited experience. It was serendipitous synchroncity with a touch of fate that I got the face-to-face reading with her today at Adyar so I thought I would take seriously her advice!

I haven’t come up with a name for this blog yet but it’s something like the yoga chick’s guide to life. I’ve been wanting to draw a whole lot of aspects of life and good ways to live together so, hmmm, here I will be (possibly) banging on at length. Or not. Sometimes I am curiously silent on many topics, or just curiously silent. hope some of it is worthwhile.

A bit about me. I’m 40-something (early, not late). Single (single! still!), no kids, one cat. Gorgeous (!). Don’t own anything, except a 19-year-old car and a nice new fridge. And quite a lot of clothes, without a single thing to wear most days. On the surface that probably makes me look like a sad, lonely loser. In the olden days, I would have been called a sad, lonely spinster. Except that I’m not. Not particularly sad (only sometimes, and usually when I’m focusing on being single. Single! Still!). I’ve got lovely supportive friends. Not a loser, unless your definition of success is being married/partnered up, owning property, having a share portfolio and holidaying in luxury resorts. I mean, I’d like all that, but it’s part of the thing, not the thing itself.

I am in love, actually. Only trouble is, he’s not entirely available. Let’s call him Man Who Is Not Yet Mine. So his pseudonym is M.NYM. We just talk occasionally. Don’t see each other enough. Who knows what will happen.

Also, I’m something of a yoga slut. Firstly let me say I haven’t actually been doing a whole lot of yoga lately, but I think about it a lot! Did you know if you visualise yourself doing a sun salute, it’s almost as good as physically doing one? It’s true! And not that I’ve tried every yoga studio in Sydney, or every single style of yoga going, but I just find it hard to commit to a teacher or a style (single! still! Ah, it all makes sense now, a commitment-phobe I hear you say). I go somewhere new and LOVE it, for quite a while sometimes and think “Ah, the student is ready, the teacher has come.” Then I go off it. Not off exactly, it’s just that it doesn’t continue to offer me what I think I want. Yep, I really need to work on tapas. Maybe doing this blog will fire up some much needed tapas since apparently one needs to keep on blogging to keep other people’s interest up. There you go.

Ok, that’s it from me for my first-ever blog. I’m bloggered. ha ha.

By the by: Drinking (which I like to do) Taylor’s Pinot Noir – cheap from Kemeny’s and not too bad at all.

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